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To be competitive, today’s management teams cannot be restricted by the inflexibility of airline schedules. A fast-paced business world requires that top executives fly wherever they need to go without the inconveniences that can arise when dealing with a large commercial airline. That’s why more and more of San Diego’s top management teams are choosing Premier Air Charter for their air travel needs. Premier Air Charter is a leading private jet charter company with an experienced staff that will fly you to your destination in comfort.

Traveling via charter plane allows you to set your own schedule, as air charters can be changed or rescheduled at your convenience and on short notice. When you rent a private business jet charter from us, your schedule becomes our schedule, so that you no longer have to worry about long lines at the airport, missed connections and tedious drives to locations far away from major airfields. And since you and your invited guests are the only passengers on board the charter jet, you are free to conduct private business meetings en-route.

Premier Air Charter’s private charter aircraft offer Security, Safety, Flexibility and Convenience. By using a private air charter service, you’ll be spending less time on the road, which means fewer overnights, more sales calls, more time to manage your business and, ultimately, more time for you to spend with your loved ones.

Air charters are quickly becoming the preferred option for an increasing number of business and leisure travelers. Seasoned charter aircraft travelers already know the value of chartering your own private plane.

If you have upcoming travel plans, simply complete our aircraft charter quote form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

If you prefer to contact us directly, call (619) 316-5637.




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