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San Diego Eclipse 500 Air Charter Services

One of our San Diego Aircraft Charters is the Eclipse 500, a fast and reliable aircraft that will take you where you need to go on time and in plenty of comfort. Taking off from San Diego’s Montgomery Field, the business jet charter Eclipse 500 provides you with access to more than 10,000 airports located all over the United States. With such flexibility, the question is never “Where can you go?” but rather “Where do you want to go?” The air charter Eclipse 500 has a 37,000 ft ceiling that allows it to avoid most types of severe weather conditions. The Eclipse 500 air charter also has a maximum cruise speed of 375 knots and a generous range of 1,280 nautical miles. It can carry up to 4 passengers, with plenty of space to conduct business meetings and complete office work on the way to your destination.

Centrally located in the Kearny Mesa district of San Diego, Montgomery Field Airport (MYF) is the home base to more than 600 aircraft. It offers a 3,400 ft well-lit runway that operates using an advanced Instrument Landing System (ILS).  Among our Montgomery Field air charters, the Eclipse 500 is one of the most reliable and versatile aircrafts. Whether it’s a long or short flight, you can rest assured that you’ll be flying in safety and comfort. So if you’re looking for an air travel solution that fits your needs and schedule specifications, give Premier Air Charter a call today. Skip the long lines and parking hassles of major airline travel, and book a flight on one of our Eclipse 500 airplane charters instead, because in today’s fast-paced business world, private air charters are the most efficient, and can sometimes be a cost-effective way to travel.

San Diego Air Charter Eclipse 500

Aircraft specifications

Exterior dimensions




33.1 ft

10.1 m


37.4 ft

11.4 m


11.0 ft

3.4 m

Interior dimensions




148 in

376 cm

Height (max)

50 in

127 cm

Width (max)

56 in

142 cm




Maximum Ramp

5,680 lb

2,576 kg

Maximum Takeoff

5,640 lb

2,558 kg

Maximum Landing

5,360 lb

2,431 kg


3,390 lb

1,538 kg

Fuel Capacity

1,540 lb/230 gal

699 kg/871 l

Useful Load

2,250 lb

1,021 kg




2 Pratt & Whitney Canada



PW610F turbofans



Thrust at Sea Level

 900 lbf (each)

 4.00 kN (each)

ISA+10°C (77°F)







6 max





Sea Level Cabin to

21,500 ft

6,533 m

Cabin Altitude at 41,000 ft

8,000 ft

2,438 m





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