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San Diego to Las Vegas Air Charter Services

There are few better ways to make a lasting impression on friends and business associates than a luxury trip to Las Vegas on your very own private air charter. Itís not just the luxury that makes jet charter travel worthwhile. Booking an air charter from San Diego to Las Vegas offers a wide variety of benefits. Not only is travel time reduced, but you get to spend that time more productively and in much greater comfort. You also avoid having to deal with the stresses and hassles involved in commercial airline travel. Opting for a charter jet from San Diego to Las Vegas means that you donít have to deal with airport parking, long security lines, or any of the usual check-in procedures. We fly from San Diego to LAS, and all other Las Vegas area airports.

All of our charter flights to Las Vegas leave from Kearny Mesaís Montgomery Field Airport. And because your air charter from SAN to LAS takes off only after you arrive, thereís no need to worry about missing your flight. When you arrive at Montgomery Field, simply drive right up to your charter jet and our staff will be on hand to help you board and load your luggage directly from your car onto the plane. Since the entire flight caters specifically to you, we can offer you a level of personal attention that commercial airlines can only dream of providing. Case-in-point, if you should need to make a stop on your way from Montgomery Field to Las Vegas, all you need to do is let our flight crew know and the stop will be arranged en route. You can even arrange to make stops in multiple locations.

On your way Las Vegas, you and your travel guests will have the entire plane to yourselves, allowing you to conduct business meetings in complete privacy and comfort or to relax and recharge in preparation for your arrival. Next time youíre looking to fly by private jet charter from SAN to LAS, give Premier Air Charter a call. Our skilled staff is available 24 hours a day to help you plan your trip.


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