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Private Jet Charter
Why Private Charter?
With Premier Air Charter, you & your associates have the entire aircraft to yourselves. Our aircraft can be your mobile office, allowing you to maximize your work production. Conduct a business meeting en route to your destination, prepare for a meeting or relax and recharge. We offer you benefits that commercial airlines could only dream of!

You won't find this level of personal attention with any commercial airline. There is no lengthy check-in process. No security lines. You pull right up to the aircraft and your luggage is loaded directly from your car to the plane.
The plane leaves when you arrive.
Private Jet Charter

Control & Flexibility... We make flying to multiple city destinations easy and cost effective...
When you utilize Premier Air Charter, you can have a morning meeting in Santa Monica, a lunch meeting in Las Vegas and return home in time for dinner. Try that with a commercial carrier! Premier Air Charter lets you open up a world of opportunity by giving you direct access to hundreds of airports that are not served by major carriers.  

Never miss another flight!
We fly on your schedule, not ours. Want to add a stop while en route? No problem just let your crew know. Running late at a destination the aircraft will wait for you. You control your flight environment.  

Reliability & Safety...
We own & operate our own aircraft, which gives us complete control over equipment, maintenance and crew. Premier Air can assure you an exceptionally high level of safety and reliability. Charter operators follow regulations more stringent than the commercial airliners.  

  Private Jet Charter

Confidentiality & Privacy
We value our customers' privacy. Our clientele can be assured that their personal information will remain personal and confidential. We do not share or sell our clients' information. Nor do we discuss our client's travel or business transactions. 

Travel with Premier Air Charter offers many benefits to travelers
in today's complicated world. On-demand aircraft charter gives you
the freedom and flexibility to schedule your trip around your needs.

  • Convenient scheduling of travel to airports closest to your destination
  • Aircraft selection to fit your speed, privacy, in-flight amenities, and cost requirements
  • Our skilled staff is available 24 hours a day to help you plan your most convenient, time saving and cost efficient charter.
  • Crews are sent to SimCom Flight Training for extensive simulator training



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